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Welcome to GuardianBox.com. We are busy going through and setting it up at the moment. So please relax and take some time looking through out site we should be adding more and more each day.

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GuardianBox is the Internet security division of Bridge Broadband Services Ltd which has developed a fit, forget, protection Internet security solution. GuardianBox works in any country and with any broadband service, ie ADSL, SDSL & satellite that provides an RJ45 connection.

GuardianBox is dedicated to giving you and your users the safest & fastest broadband experience possible so we have developed a unique network device & services to make this as easy as possible yet giving you full control of your broadband connection and access to some of the most sophisticated & comprehensive network tools.

The GuardianBox is an Internet threat management solution that is easy to install, easy to configure and is fully transparent to your users. The GuardianBox provides: a double anti-virus POP3 scanner, anti-spam filter, content filter, stateful hardware firewall, traffic shaping, ad blocking and an intelligent web cache.

Our advanced options include spyware detection & blocking, security risk analysis and we can alert you automatically if a person uses your connection to view inappropriate content such as pornography.

The GuardianBox Support and Management Portal allows you to manage your GuardianBox, located anywhere in the world, from any where in the world. In addition, the GuardianBox Support and Management Portal gives you detailed analysis of the web traffic going through your GuardianBox in an easy to understand yet comprehensive format and is updated daily. This facility gives you full visability of your broadband connection and puts you firmly in control.

Our team of specialists are always available to assist you no matter how simple or complex the question may seem. Bridge Broadband Services Ltd specialises in the supply of broadband connections and related technologies. Bridge Broadband Services Ltd in based in Perth, Scotland and we have been working in broadband arena for the last four years, nationally and internationally. Our client list includes small businesses, home users, corporates, schools & private colleges and we have extensive experience in network management, network design & implementation and network forensics.